Commercial Litigation requires creativity and flexibility.


The majority of litigation that we handle falls within the category of “general commercial litigation.”  For ASB Legal, this includes breach of contract cases, fraud-related cases and everything else in between for clients, both large and small, in a wide variety of industries.  Our contract cases span the spectrum of business disputes, including indemnity obligations, warranty issues, disputes relating to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services, business-to-business disputes, intra-business disputes between partners or shareholders, employment, and real estate disputes.  There is no subject matter area of a contract that we are not comfortable handling. We also routinely prosecute and defend cases involving fraud or misrepresentation allegations, including extensive experience with breach of fiduciary duty cases.  These cases frequently involve complex facts and require in-depth investigation and analysis, which we excel at providing.

ASB Legal is also equipped to efficiently handle matters ancillary to litigation, such as responding to third-party subpoenas so that clients’ in-house lawyers do not need to spend valuable time on these low-value matters.
We have found that an aggressive litigation strategy and approach, coupled with sound business sense, successfully resolves most business disputes, often early in the dispute process.  At ASB Legal we also believe that the test of a true litigator is the ability to take a case – no matter how complex and no matter what the subject matter – and break it down into identifiable issues that allow a jury or judge to easily understand it.  Whether a case resolves early, or proceeds through trial and appeals, we have the experience needed.

We handle commercial litigation cases using a variety of fee arrangements, including hourly, fixed and flat fees with bonuses, and partial contingencies. 

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